Tuesday, 25 February 2014


I love her, her beauty, her innocence, I love you double cheese burger <3

Monday, 24 February 2014



Thursday, 20 February 2014

Quick Write 3 - Sugar Frosted Fat

This artwork is the work of Ron English, a very good artist who makes street art as well as art like this that takes shots at the food corporations. There are many of these cereal box arts by him but this one I like the most. It's very obvious it's making fun of Frosted Flakes. With these, Ron English likes to tell the truth about the product so he titled the cereal " Sugar Frosted Fat " which represents the cereal really well. Also the mascot is now "Fat Tony" which really represents Tony the Tiger better than how kellogs shows him because his cereal wouldn't make you active and fit. I also Injoy the subtle things like " Free Ritalin" instead of "free toy" and instead of "kellogs" it says "killkidds". I highly recommend you check out his work. 

Art by Ron English

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick Write 2 - Detached

I'm working on the exterior of the space shuttle, everything is going according to plan when all of a sudden the cord attaching me to the shuttle snaps! I panic as i float away, yelling for my partners to help but they can't get to me in time.. I'm gone, too far away from the shuttle to get any sort of communication, I'm so alone and scared. I keep yelling for help even though I know no one can hear me. I'm starting to settle down now and notice that all the yelling and moving was draining my oxygen at a very fast rate, I'm at 25% oxygen and it hits me like a ton of bricks.. It's over now. As I float I look down and notice a beautiful red planet, almost too bright to look at but I keep staring anyway. My deep gaze and contemp is short lived when my suit reminds me I now have 5% oxygen. I can start to feel tears go down my face and I start to think of home.. Of my beautiful wife that i won't ever get to see again, and of my Hansome son who will have to grow up without his father. I see pictures in my head of the earth and of all my favorite places. Now I'm picturing me with my family, smiling, laughing, having the time of our lives. And for this split second I once again feel content, My oxygen is at 1% now. I smile, say my goodbyes even though I can only hear them, and close my eyes.

Quick Write - Which door?

It's a hard choice between the Monsters Inc. door or the Horwarts door. The reason being is that I love the movie Monsters inc. so being in a world filled with monsters and meeting them would be so much fun xD ( I'm totally a kid at heart ). But at the same time going into the Hogwarts door and being in a world filled with magic and being able to learn how to use magic and being a wizard would also be really awesome.