Thursday, 5 June 2014

Short Story - El Pulpo

   El Pulpo    
written by: Xavier Chacon and Mark Taylor 

It was a hot quiet night, much warmer than usual. Agnes's family was sitting in their small wooden shack that looked as if it would collapse any second, they sat eating but the father looked worried, no one said a word. Suddenly her father got up, went outside and closed the door without saying a word as if he sensed something. Moments later there was a loud noise like someone had fired a gun, shorty after the noise everything fell dead silent as if the world had stopped. All though it felt like hours had gone by only a few seconds had passed.Agnes and her mother looked at one another and then they heard faint foot steps and turned towards the door. Her heartbeat started racing faster and faster as the footsteps progressively got louder and then "CRASH" the front door explodes into pieces and a tall mysterious stranger appears standing in the door way. The stranger wore a orange poncho that covered his upper body, along with torn tattered jeans and old combat boots. Covering his face was a brown cowboy hat and a red bandana that fluttered back and forth with the wind. In a blink of an eye he whipped out his revolvers, it happened so fast it seemed like he had been holding six guns and with pin point accuracy he started firing. before Agnes knew what had happened, her mother and father had been slain and the mysterious stranger was gone. 

--Twenty Years Later-- 

"We have to get rid of those Mexicans in order to rule the west" shouted lawman Paul. " How do you suppose we do that? there are way to many of em" Eastwood replied. Just then Agnes butts in " We can trick em, we'll say we are giving them something and then gun em down. That'll be sure to rid of a lot of them". Suddenly a deputy of Agnes rushes in " Madame! Law officer Wayne has just been shot down!". " What do you mean he has been shot down? Who killed him?!" Agnes screamed. " I aint sure who but the killer seems to only be targeting us lawmen". " Eastwood, Paul, go and hire some guns.. we need to protect ourselves" She yelled. Once they leave she talks with a few other officers "Now we need to secure a fort, I aint dying to no lousy outlaw" Agnes said angrily. 
 Lawman Eastwood and Lawman Paul leave to search for some of the fastest guns in the west just as commanded. Lawman Eastwood walks into a saloon trying to fulfill his duty. Eastwood sits down and starts looking around the saloon. Across the room he notices a man drinking  some whiskey wearing a orange poncho and red bandana over his face. As he continued to watch a large drunk man spills his drink on the poncho wearing cowboy. The Poncho wearing mans eyes squint as he straightens up his back and in an instant he blasts the man to pieces so fast it looked as if the drunk had been torn apart by wild beasts. Eastwood was stunned, at that moment he knew this was the man to hire. Eastwood got up and walked over to the mysterious man. "You gotta help us out, we'll pay you well." pleaded Eastwood. The mysterious man stares blankly at him. " I'm a law officer so pay would be well" exclaimed Eastwood. The mans eyes widened and he shook his head nodding yes. A few Hours later Eastwood and the poncho wearing man arrive at the fort containing all the lawmen and all the hired guns lawman Paul had gathered. Then suddenly a loud gunshot is heard and Eastwood Drops to the ground. The mysterious poncho stranger steps over Eastwoods body and enters the fort. Everyone inside was stunned and realized that this was the man who was killing the lawmen. Agnes then comes out from a building she waiting in and she recognizes that this is the man who had killed her family when she was young. "Don’t just stand there, shoot him dead!!" Agnes roared. Everyone in the fort reached down for their guns, focused on the poncho wearing man. Surrounded and out numbered, the poncho wearing man flew his poncho off into the air revealing his body.. the strange man was an Octopus! He was a lanky terrifying creature who wields six guns using six of his tentacles. Everyone in the fort was shocked and terrified, and in mere seconds the octopus started  gunning down everyone, his arms flailing in all directions, men falling dead left and right of him.  After he had stopped firing it looked as if a tornado had just blown through the fortress as everything was in rubble and bodies laid motionless everywhere. Agnes was the only survivor being hit in the arm but still able to wield her weapon. She shouts " You're a Monster and now this time I will kill you for what you've..." but midway through her sentence the octopus had shot a single bullet in her brain, It was over. The west was no longer trying to be ruled by corrupt lawmen, the Mexicans were now safe. The Octopus put his poncho back on, dusted off and walked off into the setting sun forever being honored by the Mexicans as "El Pulpo". 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Field Trip -stalking conversations

1. We went to the second floor front windows and sat near 2 people talking, we listened for over a good minute and it was between a guy and a girl. It felt a little weird writing down someone's conversation.

In this case we didn't really get anything good out of it expect for the fact and teenager make no sense when they talk.

If I was creating a comedy i could use the way they talked because it was all nonsense.

Character and personality can be revealed through conversation by the way they talk, the things they talk about.

When more than two people are in a conversation it ends up getting really tangled and very confusing because so many people are talking at once it's hard to keep up.

6. Again for the people we eavesdropped on they talked so unorganized and random that I learned that teenagers talk about really random things with no flow, also they had phones so they probably weren't even listening very well.

A big difference between written conversations and spoken convos is that with a writen one it will generally be very fluent and on topic as were with spoken real life convos they usually are all over the place since we have so many distractions.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Six Word Memoir - Too deep

This one i don't really have an explanation for, it looks like your average, generic tumblr post that would have a cheesy "deep" quote. With john staring out the window into the sky and how I gave it that more dramatic feel by making it black and white i felt like " Please insert deep tumblr quote here" seemed way to fitting for a photo like this.

Photo Cred : Xavier Chacon

Six Word Memoir - Life

                                                                                                         photo cred : Xavier Chacon

The car you see here was my moms 1 month old new car.. and as you can see it doesn't look in good shape. The damage doesn't look to bad from the outside but it actually messed up the engine so bad that the car had to be written off, now you see our car and wonder well how did the other vehicle look.. and the answer is completely fine aside from a few dents. what luck. So this crash came about because on a straight road a smart women decided to pull a U-Turn right in front of us while we were going 50. why? no idea she didn't speak English. Worst part of it all is that the amount we were given from the write off didn't cover all that we owed so now my mom is still making payments for a car we no longer have.... sometimes life can be really unfair.

Six Word Memoirs - Happy

                                                                                                 Photo Cred : Cheyenne Vermette

" Some things just make you happy " I used this caption because its true, somethings just can make you so happy and for me this is true with music. I love music so much i cant not listen to it ( im listening to it as i write this ). And i used this picture because as you can see i look quite excited for the new Chris Brown Album and i was. Chris Brown is my favorite Artist and has been since 2006 and his music makes me happy. So i feel like this picture and the caption fit well together.

Six Word Memoir - The easy days

                                                                                                                                                       Photo Cred : Ricardo Chacon

 This is a photo of me the on the left, my brother the one on  the right, and my sister who is in the middle on Halloween years and years ago, ( hard to believe i was that short once right ). Back when we were so innocent and didn't have a worry in the world, now i have to worry about school and graduation, My brother now has two children and my sister now has 2 as well. We went from dressing up as our favorite characters from a TV show to go get free candy, to the hardships of life and growing up. I wish it could have stayed easy but i guess hardships are just a part of growing up right?

Six Word Memoir - Being weird

"being weird with the people you love"
This is a brilliant selfie me and my mom took and as you can tell we are definitely "different". Me and my mom are so weird with each other and it doesn't matter if we are at home or out in public we are just embarrassing. We took this picture one day when she got home from work, no reason at all it just kind of happened. I love my mom and being weird with her is the best and i wouldn't have it any other way...
Being normal is boring anyway.

                              Photo cred: Xavier Chacon

Six Word Memoir - Unexpected friendship

                         photo cred: James Rogowy.

I decided to use this photo with the caption "Unexpected friendships that will last forever" because i felt it was super fitting for us. I knew all of them but weren't really friends with them ( with the exception of a few). And when i signed up for the fashion show and was put into that group i didn't know what to expect, but it turned out that the fashion show brought us all close and we are all friends now. Without the fashion show we wouldn't have had a reason to become friends and we would have been just fellow grade.12's.We all shared an amazing experience together and i wouldn't have picked a better group of people.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Procedural Writing - How to build a Railroad system.

Step 1: Gathering Supplies
First you need to gather Wood, Gold Ore, red stone and Iron Ore in order to build the items we need.

Step 2: Making the power rails
To create power rails you will need to place 3 Gold Ingots on both sides one stick in the middle and 51 Red stone underneath it.

Step 3: Making normal rails
To make building the railroad faster build normal rails to place in between your power rails. To build normal rails you need 3 pieces of Iron Ingots on each side and on stick in the middle.

Step 4: Making Red Stone Torches
You will need Red Stone torches to power your power rails. In order to make a Red Stone torch you will need 1 piece of Red Stone in the middle and a stick right underneath it.

Step 5: Laying down the tracks
Now you're ready to lay down the tracks. First place a power rail and put a red stone torch next to it now place your regular tracks after the power rail keep placing power rails with red stone torches every now and then to keep your railroad running.

Step 6: Making a kart
Now time to make a cart to ride on your railroad! To make a cart you need 5 Iron Ingots and place them in a "U" shape.

Now you've made a Railroad in Minecraft!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Skype Reflection

(1) What topics did you present?  How did you go about making in "stick" with your audience?
- The topic we presented was the question mark. We went about making it stick by being friendly while presenting and easy to understand.
(2) How do you feel your mini lesson went? Strengths? Weaknesses?
- it went well, i believe our 6 word story was easy to understand, it may have went better if we all went up instead of just john and I.
(3) What did you learn about the process of teaching and learning?
- I learned that it can be fun and it was a great experience teaching grade.4's.
(4) What should we do next?
-  I think we should find another book and read to them again! And take their idea of sending clues until they figure out which book.

Reading Tweets #1

2001 A Space Odyssey ( 23 ) by Arthur C. Clarke. I love Sci-Fi Novels so this should be a good one #Intro

A mysterious glowing shard is controlling the early aged humanoids to teach them basic functions, i wonder how far the glowing shard will go? #question

The main character thus far goes by the name MoonWalker.#Comment

Not 100% sure what will happen to MoonWalker but i bet he'll end up being the start to the human-race. #prediction

I love Sci-Fi Novels, do any of you like this genre? and have you seen the movie by Stanley Kubrick?

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


I love her, her beauty, her innocence, I love you double cheese burger <3

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Quick Write 3 - Sugar Frosted Fat

This artwork is the work of Ron English, a very good artist who makes street art as well as art like this that takes shots at the food corporations. There are many of these cereal box arts by him but this one I like the most. It's very obvious it's making fun of Frosted Flakes. With these, Ron English likes to tell the truth about the product so he titled the cereal " Sugar Frosted Fat " which represents the cereal really well. Also the mascot is now "Fat Tony" which really represents Tony the Tiger better than how kellogs shows him because his cereal wouldn't make you active and fit. I also Injoy the subtle things like " Free Ritalin" instead of "free toy" and instead of "kellogs" it says "killkidds". I highly recommend you check out his work. 

Art by Ron English

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick Write 2 - Detached

I'm working on the exterior of the space shuttle, everything is going according to plan when all of a sudden the cord attaching me to the shuttle snaps! I panic as i float away, yelling for my partners to help but they can't get to me in time.. I'm gone, too far away from the shuttle to get any sort of communication, I'm so alone and scared. I keep yelling for help even though I know no one can hear me. I'm starting to settle down now and notice that all the yelling and moving was draining my oxygen at a very fast rate, I'm at 25% oxygen and it hits me like a ton of bricks.. It's over now. As I float I look down and notice a beautiful red planet, almost too bright to look at but I keep staring anyway. My deep gaze and contemp is short lived when my suit reminds me I now have 5% oxygen. I can start to feel tears go down my face and I start to think of home.. Of my beautiful wife that i won't ever get to see again, and of my Hansome son who will have to grow up without his father. I see pictures in my head of the earth and of all my favorite places. Now I'm picturing me with my family, smiling, laughing, having the time of our lives. And for this split second I once again feel content, My oxygen is at 1% now. I smile, say my goodbyes even though I can only hear them, and close my eyes.

Quick Write - Which door?

It's a hard choice between the Monsters Inc. door or the Horwarts door. The reason being is that I love the movie Monsters inc. so being in a world filled with monsters and meeting them would be so much fun xD ( I'm totally a kid at heart ). But at the same time going into the Hogwarts door and being in a world filled with magic and being able to learn how to use magic and being a wizard would also be really awesome.