Thursday, 20 February 2014

Quick Write 3 - Sugar Frosted Fat

This artwork is the work of Ron English, a very good artist who makes street art as well as art like this that takes shots at the food corporations. There are many of these cereal box arts by him but this one I like the most. It's very obvious it's making fun of Frosted Flakes. With these, Ron English likes to tell the truth about the product so he titled the cereal " Sugar Frosted Fat " which represents the cereal really well. Also the mascot is now "Fat Tony" which really represents Tony the Tiger better than how kellogs shows him because his cereal wouldn't make you active and fit. I also Injoy the subtle things like " Free Ritalin" instead of "free toy" and instead of "kellogs" it says "killkidds". I highly recommend you check out his work. 

Art by Ron English


  1. This is the first time I have heard of Ron English, I find this image really funny I will check more out by him

  2. I love the comment with a short shelf life on the side of the box. also that tiger is hysterical.