Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Field Trip -stalking conversations

1. We went to the second floor front windows and sat near 2 people talking, we listened for over a good minute and it was between a guy and a girl. It felt a little weird writing down someone's conversation.

In this case we didn't really get anything good out of it expect for the fact and teenager make no sense when they talk.

If I was creating a comedy i could use the way they talked because it was all nonsense.

Character and personality can be revealed through conversation by the way they talk, the things they talk about.

When more than two people are in a conversation it ends up getting really tangled and very confusing because so many people are talking at once it's hard to keep up.

6. Again for the people we eavesdropped on they talked so unorganized and random that I learned that teenagers talk about really random things with no flow, also they had phones so they probably weren't even listening very well.

A big difference between written conversations and spoken convos is that with a writen one it will generally be very fluent and on topic as were with spoken real life convos they usually are all over the place since we have so many distractions.

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